Do you want to build your career with us? We're always on the hunt for smart, motivated people that would make a great addition to the FPRC team, both on our patient interaction side and on the patient treatment side. Here's a bit of info about what it's like to work at FPRC. Scroll down to see our current openings.

We are a tight knit community

With a Mom n' Pop Shoppe attitude, everyone contributes their A-Game to promote success. We care about our practitioners, and ensure they are respected. Our main objective is to treat the patient in a positive environment. A career with our clinic means a commitment like family.

We are led by driven innovators

Our management staff is constantly looking for ways to improve patient and practitioner experience within the clinic. We aim to translate any possible practitioner or patient pain points into positive encounters with our clinic. We care about your career, as much as you do. Open communication is key to success.

We love FPRC

Loving Fairview Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre is about loving the patients, fellow coworkers, and the company. You wish to see it succeed, and you want to be part of that journey. Your career is important to you, loving where you work is essential to a successful career!


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Registered Massage Therapist

We are looking for an RMT who is committed to their patients, works to progress their overall health, and looks for ways to maintain the working relationship by following up and building a treatment plan.

Being an RMT at FPRC means more than treating patients. You are open to innovation and change, and dedicated to the clinic's progress. Commitment and loyalty is valued at our clinic. Building a relationship with patients takes time, and establishing your name and receiving requests takes just as long.

If you are interested in joining our team, please read the job description in the link below.