Osteopathic treatments are a non-invasive treatment where the aim is to restore the body to its natural functions by treating the areas of imbalance.  Osteopathic practitioners believe that everything is connected and in order for treatment to be effective, balance must be restored.

Classical osteopathic treatments will include various techniques to improve movement and reduce pain.  Some of the common treatment techniques would include soft tissue manipulation - designed to stimulate circulation and fluid flow within the body.  Where there is limitations in range of motion - focus will be made on muscular and ligamentous structures, or passive joint movement.

Osteopathic manual practitioners have been shown to help with the following:

> Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain
> Knee and Hip Pain
> Elbow and Wrist Pain
> Headaches
> Whiplash
> Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
> Disc Herniation
> Nerve Impingement
> Asthma
> Joint Problems
> Vertigo
> Postural Dysfunctions
> Post Surgery Adhesion
> Post Cast Restrictions
> Circulatory Conditions
> Lymphatic Conditions
> Pregnancy Discomfort
> Cervicogenic Pain