Natural remedies for pregnancy symptoms

Expecting mothers, there are unusual changes happening. If you are a first time mom, this is all new to you. Experienced mothers continue to feel the same symptoms. Please know, you don’t have to deal with the symptoms, you can treat them naturally. 

As the months progress, signs that went unnoticed may bubble up to the surface. We can help alleviate any discomfort you may have with the following symptoms (1) (3) : 

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These are the symptoms our practitioners are capable to alleviate.

With all the testing, poking and prodding at the doctor’s office in preparation for your baby, it may seem overwhelming. This can cause stress and anxiety which can affect your baby, just like how your voice soothes them. 

Our clinic offers a variety of alternative therapies that are a natural alternative to pain and nausea. We will go through all the treatments offered at our clinic, but first let’s look at acupuncture. 


Acupuncture is perfectly safe and helpful during pregnancy, it can even help with fertility. It is proven to be extremely beneficial and effective. It helps maintain a pregnancy, nourish the body and alleviates early symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and heartburn. This may be a saving grace for mothers who do not want to risk harm to their baby with nausea medication. As the pregnancy progresses, pain, constipation and swelling can be managed and treated with acupuncture as well. The third trimester is the most important time to receive acupuncture. Treatment will help prepare your body for labour (2).


The acupuncture points help relax and soften uterine ligaments and bring blood flow to the pelvis. This encourages the baby to descend into the birth canal in the proper position. In addition, it prepares the cervix to soften and dilate, and promotes the uterine muscles to effectively contract when needed (2).


If your baby is late, this is a worrying dilemma. Acupuncture increases the likelihood of spontaneous labour, by accessing specific acupuncture points. Meaning, you are more likely to deliver the baby naturally and avoid inducing labour. This also reduces the chance of further medical intervention such as C-section, forceps, epidural, etc. By taking advantage of acupuncture, mothers – on average – have noticed shorter and easier deliveries (around 1.5 hours shorter!). The closer you are to your due date, the more often you should book an appointment. More so if you are past your due date to avoid medical intervention. In addition, acupuncture helps build energy and calm anxieties and frustration, which will often arise when a mother is past her due date (2).


Our acupuncturists are also certified RMTs. Combing massage with acupuncture helps relax your body, and minimize pain in your lower back and pelvis. In addition, massage helps with constipation. A good tummy massage, administrated by an RMT, helps alleviate any blockages. If your range of motion is limited and you are in pain, Osteopathy can help as well. 


Osteopaths don’t just treat back and pelvis pain. Practitioners can advise and assist you with the most common ailments during pregnancy including, headaches, sciatica, rib pain, breathing issues, plantar fasciitis, and pubic symphysis dysfunction. 

Osteopathic treatments during and after pregnancy is a safe, and drug free approach. It can help alleviate lower back and pelvic pain, easing physical discomforts, preparing the body for labour, and assisting the mother post delivery. 


During pregnancy, the osteopath will throughly examine your spine and pelvis to ensure everything is aligned and balanced. This provides optimal conditions for positioning, descent and passage. In addition to stretches and exercises, the osteopath will teach breathing exercises to do throughout the pregnancy, to help with the delivery and encourage overall health and wellbeing (3).


No one ever talks about post pregnancy, for some it is unpleasant. Your body has gone through an intense experience. Birth is natural and amazing, but it can take time for your body to recover. Taking prescription pain killers might taint your breast milk, and hurt your baby’s development. So what are you to do? Osteopathy is a great option to seek. Healing starts at the pelvis. A well aligned pelvis can provide the best platform for the pelvic floor muscles to heal post-delivery (3).

If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or post-pregnant, call us today for an appointment to help with your experience. 

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